About Kim


Kim Shamoun Tzivas is a Licensed Registered Dental Hygienist for 22 years.  She is a New York City First responder, certified in CPR, Medical Emergencies, local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration. 

Kim is a huge animal advocate, helping with animal rescue and lost and found pets networking. One of her Motto's is

We must stand in love and compassion for ALL LIVING THINGS

Kim had an accident in her teens, in which she lost most of her right eyebrow. She had to learn how to draw  and powder them in perfectly. Fast forward, many years later, she lost her friend Fortune to Breast Cancer. 

Fortune was a make-up artist not to mention an incredible life force and human being. When Fortune passed Kim knew she needed to do more. She found herself very interested in microblading and wanted to do something in her friends honor. Voilá. Kim went and got her license as a Tattoo Artist and began taking courses to learn microblading. Drawing has always been a passion for her, so combining the skill set of using mini blades to clean peoples teeth, drawing intricate designs, along with her lifetime struggle of creating her own Brow, it all perfectly welded together.

Kim looks forward to creating beautiful brows, along with working on the charitable side of her company, KTSculpt.org 

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