Preparing for your appointment

Very Important Information

~ Recommend not booking your Enhancement within 3-4 months of Special Events date, etc.

~If planning a trip including sun and fun, we recommend waiting 2 weeks after Enhancement appointment, please book trips or outings accordingly.

~May be more sensitive if you are menstruating, Tylenol is ok to take prior to Enhancement appointment.

~Remember Eyebrows are Sisters NOT  Twins, we are looking for perfection, but naturally,brows are not TWINNING.

~No sunburns or newly tanned faces

~No Tanning Salon for 30 days prior to Enhancement.

~Retin-A- must be off for 30 days prior and 30 days after Enhancement appointment.

~DO NOT have Enhancement less than 2 weeks after chemical peel.

~DO NOT have alcohol night before or day of your procedure.

~Avoid Caffeine day of your appointment.

~DO NOT workout the day of your appointment.

~If you must Wax/Thread your Brows/Scalp, must be minimum 48 hours prior to enhancement appointment. We PREFER to leave your Brows/Scalp as we can remove stray hair after designing your Brows/Scalp.

~NO blood thinning medications 72 hours prior to or immediately following Enhancement ( Please refer to our Medical Information page for more detailed information.

~Doing any of the above may cause bleeding which will Affect how well your Brows retain the pigment.

~As with every semi-permanent MicrobladingParamedical Tattooing Enhancement, we recommend avoiding pools, salt water ,Jacuzzis, extreme sun exposure for at least 2 weeks following your appointment, so make plans accordingly.

~Any questions at all, please contact us in the Contact Us section.